No matter how old you are, one thing will always be certain: change can be uncomfortable to deal with.Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan

Millennials are a lot tougher than we make them out to be. They’ve seen the world change at a much faster pace than ever before, where entire fields can disappear just after they completed their education only to see new ones take their place. But when it comes to the stability they’re seeking at work, change can be really difficult to deal with. It’s just human nature to get comfortable with places, co-workers, processes, and other aspects of the workplace then find yourself having a hard time adapting to sudden changes. Whether those changes are coming from technological and cultural shifts, mergers and acquisitions, or new management: change can be a painful phase to go through even if you’re used to it happening rapidly.

A funny change management keynote speaker can put Millennial audiences at ease with relevant, topical humor that doesn’t make them feel like they’re being talked down to. Individual change management can have greatly varied results depending on the culture fit of the organization and how resistant to change each individual employee is. Millennials who are becoming business leaders, or are already in upper management, also must learn how to take the helm and equip and support their subordinates for handling the impending changes when it comes to enterprise change management. Mergers don’t only mean different leaders and product lines: they also can mean new culture and objectives.

No matter how the change is coming, change management doesn’t have to be a topic the audience is disengaged from because they think it will be boring. The best way to prepare for then overcome adversity is being able to laugh at it. A rousing keynote speech full of funny quotes that the attendees will remember for years to come lends a more positive takeaway than simply reciting what the expected changes will entail. Humor also does an excellent job at bridging the generational gap and can transcend the difficulties managers frequently have in an age-diverse workforce.

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