Why Teamwork Does Not Work

Poorly designed teamwork training programs are usually at the crux of the problem. Improperly developed teamwork training programs have a way of creating more work for your best people and less work for the rest. Teamwork is often viewed with dread and animosity if not presented in the right way.

Teamwork-speaker-Mike-HouriganIn reality, present jobs consume most employees. Taking on more work that’s not found in their job description frustrates them. Any neglect of their present duties scares them. Being a team member depletes their energy; they need convincing, nurturing and plausible explanations.
Teamwork speakers, like Mike Hourigan, understand how difficult change can be and he can help transform a group into a valuable team.

Before addressing team dynamics, essential to the team process, “the Team” must be established – this is the functional core of change management and getting the results you want.

The next stage of preparation becomes more meaningful if “the Team” is properly established. Team dynamic rules and tools will then make perfect sense. The team comes to life, ready to move to improve and to dig in, to dig out from under the problem and create exciting options.
Teamwork is Much More than Hats and Tee Shirts – is a fun, fast paced team building training program designed to get immediate results and with less angst. Trust teamwork speaker Mike Hourigan to make your teamwork training program rich and profitable for your organization.

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Mike Hourigan is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management traininglistening skills, and negotiation skills.

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