Change Management

Typical Employee Reactions

  1. The boss wants us to improve. The message is our performance stinks.
  2. The boss selected a change leader. The message is we are too stupid to do it.
  3. The boss wants our input. The message is trust the boss. Right!
  4. The really good news is the boss will buy us lunch once a month.

Do not panic! Mike erases the implications with his style of change management training. Look at change from the Disney Small World engineering angle. They study what they are creating while on their knees. That puts them on the customer’s (kids) level. Brilliant in its simplicity and dynamic in the results created.

Employees feel under-appreciated and underpaid. Focusing on the benefits for the employee secures the ground floor of change management training. Mike addresses this frequently neglected fact.
Change management may falter for many reasons; however, it will stall unnecessarily without employee cooperation. Mike focuses on the employee and nurtures the origin of change.

Personally engage each team member. Using their job description and recent review as a starting point, offer your mentor-ship to build their business plan. The developmental focus spotlights on-the-job learning, a bargain for all concerned. Change management training hands you the tools to do this personalized work.

Help them see the benefits. Employees need to feel movement toward laudable objectives. Transferable experiences with documented results deliver credible resume accomplishments. Let change opportunities reveal themselves as the consequence of poor quality processes. Operational results will virtually take care of themselves.

Among change management speakers, you will find Mike entertaining and grounded in the practical issues of change. Your associates will have fun while becoming genuinely excited about their participation in designing better processes.

Mike revitalizes employees, the origin of change.

Mike Hourigan is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management training, listening skills, and negotiation skills.

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