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Millennial Keynote Speaker Las Vegas Mike Hourigan

Millennials Have Much More to Offer Than You Think

Whenever Las Vegas Keynote Speaker delivers a keynote speech in Las Vegas on Millennials in the workplace, he is often met with head-shaking.
“Mike, you claim to like Millennials, what exactly do they want?”

As a Las Vegas motivational speaker addressing the challenges and opportunities of blended workplaces, where Boomers, Gen-Xers, Gen Y and Gen Z have to get along, most of the older guys expect me to say, “I’m with you, older guys.” Truth is, I like every generation, but I really enjoy Millennials. They are transforming us.

More than Ridesharing
Millennials are more than cheerleaders for ridesharing. It’s not just ridesharing, bike sharing, scooter sharing, co-working spaces, house sharing, clothes sharing (wait for it) or a plethora of fun apps. It goes much deeper.

The January 17, 2018 Entrepreneur calls them the “Digital Generation,” and that’s true, but it’s a limiting description. Millennials are remarkably human, empathetic and giving. The article points out that Millennials are curious about everything and want to share what they learn. They crave collaboration and feedback; in fact, 40 percent seek continuous feedback. When an executive tells a Millennial, “That’s on a need-to-know basis,” it is a sure turn-off.

Millennials like open offices because they value collaboration. They shun walled off offices and executive suites. Maybe it’s because they see interconnectedness. They believe in social good and giving back. They are passionate about the environment. They are direct and open.
They want to be seen as individuals, not as “that guy in accounting.” To that end, they value acceptance, and embracing diversity as to races, religions, gender, LGBT+ and disabled employees.

Flexible and In-Control

On March 13, 2017, Gerry McGovern wrote an article on Millennial Attitudes for the Medium Corporation. McGovern pointed out that Millennials like flexibility in thinking and to be in control. This may be construed as arrogant, but it’s not. They are open to new experiences and to life itself. Given a choice between a job that offers stability versus uncertainty, they want stability. They love family and cherish the balance of play and work. 

Stability doesn’t mean they will be content to sit behind a desk for 25 years, repeating the same boring tasks. They want to learn and be trained and developed. If they can’t have that, don’t expect them to stay very long. Statistics show that 60 percent are likely to leave within three years unless they can see growth and challenge. Maybe older generations were willing to put in a series of 80-hour weeks, but the Millennial will expect you to explain “why.” They are direct and transparent and don’t like a lot of double-talk. 

Millennials have difficulty blindly trusting authority figures or product hype. They have seen what happens when the status quo isn’t challenged, and because they are so skilled at research a “brand” or a fancy label doesn’t mean that much to them. Quality does. A turn off for Millennials is a company with lousy customer service or a business lacking a commitment to social values.

Ultimately, the challenge for all of us in any workplace is creating an interconnected team built on respect, authenticity and values. To reject Millennial values is foolhardy because much of what they bring to the organization is good. It may be new, but it should not be threatening. After all, we were all once new, and we turned out just fine.

Mike Hourigan, Las Vegas Breakout Speaker on Millennials in the Workplace

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