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Customization of a Safety Speech is critical

As a motivational safety speaker, I know all-too-well that there are the “official way of doing things,” and the corner-cutting.

Before I became a safety keynote speaker, and before I worked in management on sales teams, I was a worker in heavy manufacturing companies. I worked in steel mills, leather tanneries, construction and transportation. My management was good at saying the right things and sending the right messages.

However, behind the scenes, I saw a lot of shortcuts that frequently resulted in chemical exposure, injuries from slips and falls to lacerations to serious burns. The accidents resulted in lost days and more importantly, serious wounds. They could have all been avoided, of course. No one wins by taking a short cut. Organizations – and their workers – may escape the consequences of shortcuts for a while, but they will catch up.

Speakers have them too
Frankly, as a motivational safety speaker and breakout speaker, I have to admit that in my profession, safety speakers will take their shortcuts too. The first corner cutting comes from “safety speakers” who believe that “just because” they read a book on safety or watched a reality TV show featuring a home builder or ice trucker that they know what a safety breakdown feels like first-hand. I’m sorry to report they don’t. For there is nothing; nothing that affects you like seeing or hearing of a co-worker badly injured because they cut a corner or had no one looking out for them.

However, the biggest “sin” among safety speakers is when the apply a stock, standard keynote safety talk to any situation that comes along. These folks will cut-and-paste a safety speech to situations as far-ranging as ironwork to pharmaceutical manufacturing to grain storage. It is a huge mistake because the issues can be extremely different. Even in the same industry; for example, cargo shipping, two companies in the same space may have totally different issues.

It is why I customize my Safety Speeches 
When I have the honor to being asked to be the safety speaker for a company such as yours, there is no off the shelf, generic speech. I start from scratch. Though, as a safety keynote speaker, I have spoken throughout North America, I would never think of applying a standard approach. I craft each program. I want to interview people in several departments about their unique safety concerns and what makes their particular challenges worrisome.

The work I put-in beforehand, is a lot like an athlete training for a specific position. You can never fake safety knowledge; it must be developed, questions must be asked, and it must be relevant.

Customization of a safety speech is critical. It can’t be faked because the audience will immediately see it and “tune-out.” As a workplace safety speaker who has been “on the manufacturing floor,” I have a higher obligation than most.

My intent in any safety message I deliver it clear: to make sure every worker returns home safely. To make sure, everyone looks out and cares for another. It is my passion and my mission for I have been there and I don’t like “little secrets.”

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Safety Speaker Mike Hourigan

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