Soft Skills Training for Millennials

Soft Skills Training for Millennials

Soft Skills Training for Millennials

Do Millennials really need soft skills training?

It’s been said countless times over: Millennials are sorely lacking in soft skills.

Millennials primary and postsecondary education has been drastically different in many ways from that of previous generations. More emphasis is placed on how Millennials develop hard skills that can be easily measured. It might be with a certificate, degree, or perhaps their own project such as a blog or code repository. Millennials eing the most educated generation in American history, Millennials are certainly no slouch when it comes developing these technical skills and having tractable proof of their talents and capabilities.

Unfortunately, it came at a cost in that schools and harsher demands for college and job placement de-emphasized the importance of soft skills training. Hiring managers and executives are seeing a worrisome soft skills gap, many which feel that the technology-centric world Millennials now inhabit is only making it even worse as many everyday actions can now be done with just a few swipes: you can get anything from a date to your laundry and taxes done in a snap. Is it causing a major erosion of social skills and the ability to interact in the workplace?

In many cases, yes. It’s why soft skills training is an important investment for your Millennial workforce. Soft skills isn’t just about learning how to become a better communicator in “meatspace”. It’s how to read people when they’re not behind a screen or using text-speak. When do you know if a workplace situation is truly hostile or something that can be easily solved through a conflict resolution method? Soft skills training can even help your employees become more efficient negotiators who can learn how to spot the right visual and verbal cues from miles away and reach a mutually beneficial agreement in no time.

Millennials are tough and smart problem-solvers being underutilized on account of their weaknesses in communicating these strong points. While of course they aren’t monolithic in that some will be better at communication and the ability to read people than others, soft skills training is definitely an opportunity they can’t afford to miss.

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