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What Makes a Good Virtual Safety Speaker?

I Can’t Be on The Job with You, But I Want My Words to Keep You Safe

What makes a good virtual safety speaker? It’s a question I’m frequently asked, and a subject I think about all of the time. It’s a kind of puzzle when you think about it. Safety at the Workplace is as real as you can get. There’s nothing fake or virtual about staying safe.

Right now, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. The new normal is social distancing, mask wearing and semi-isolation. At the same time home building, road work, production and warehouse operations are booming. We need to talk about safety more than ever. As a virtual safety speaker, I know that “contentment” is the worst possible safety strategy any organization can make. 

I worry about organizations who say, “We’re doing OK, we don’t need any ‘pep talks”
”OK” is worrisome, A safety status quo attitude always leads to big trouble. As a virtual safety speaker, I don’t like pep talks either. I fight alongside companies in a battle against safety complacency.

Five Keys to What Makes a Good Virtual Safety Speaker

Below are Virtual Safety Speaker Mike Hourigan’s five keys as to what makes a good virtual safety speaker: 

  1. Someone who has been there. I did not start my career in professional speaking, sales and marketing as an armchair know-it-all. I began in production and construction. I have been on the job, saw people get hurt and realized that safety is real, not a topic read from a thick book.
  2. Someone who has a passion for safety.  As a virtual safety speaker, I have a passion for safety and it comes “right through the screen.” Have you witnessed the heartache caused by an on-the-job accident? I have. These men an women are my friends. At the end of the day, I want them to return alive, well and happy to their families.
  3. I bridge the gap. My virtual safety speaking crosses the line, back and forth, between management and the women and men on the job. I am academically educated, I have also lifted, hammered, shoveled and built. I am not saying that one side of the equation is better than the other, only that you need both – and you must value both.
  4. I know that safety is a negotiation. I always stress this point in my virtual safety presentations. I don’t lecture or talk down to anyone about what they should and should not do. I create an atmosphere of negotiation. We follow the safety rules because we want everyone to understand the consequences of injuries – and much worse.
  5. Hire a professional virtual safety speaker. I have spoken on the topic of workplace safety for decades. I consider it my life’s work and have honed my craft over hundreds of virtual and in-person talks. When I speak virtually, I speak to people personally. It is why I like to say, “while I can’t be with you personally, I want my words to keep you safe.” For they are much more than words to me; they are words I want us all to live by.

Mike Hourigan, Virtual Safety Speaker, offers virtual podcasts, live video conferencing and in-person events on workplace safety. For more information, call Virtual Safety Mike today at (704) 875-3030 or by filling out the form below.

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