Safety Speaker – Why hire one?

Safety Speaker

Why Hire a Safety Speaker?

Safety Speaker Mike Hourigan

Workplace safety is a concern whether your employees require tactical gear or a desk and computer. And ensuring that workplaces are kept safe isn’t limited solely to regulations for uniforms and equipment in more physical jobs. There’s so many other aspects of workplace safety such as

  • A safety Speaker can improve employee communications and encouraging people to become better listeners
  • A Safety Speaker can mitigate stress levels
  • A Safety Speaker can address organizational culture and procedures when it comes to conduct and preventing harassment
  • A Safety Speaker can help create a workplace culture that puts safety first

Communication breakdowns can cause any organization to falter. If people feel like they’re not being listened to, what do you think will happen in the long term? Lack of communication can literally cause accidents but also lend itself to a toxic culture over time that leads to employees being antagonized. A safety speaker can help address these issues at both the employee and managerial levels and even help with additional hands-on training to improve everyone’s communication skills. These are skills that can fall by the wayside in both modern education as well as being reliant on devices to communicate nowadays.

More physical jobs that are subject to higher degrees of regulation also benefit from hiring a safety speaker. Laws and procedures pertaining to operating equipment safely are partially demonstrated by showing the actual changes on the job, but then there’s the less thrilling parts like finding out what the penalties are for failure to comply. A professional safety speaker doesn’t simply call a meeting and rattle off all of the new law changes that were just made, but makes the topic into something memorable and even fun, and gets the audience actively involved.

Knowing how to communicate regulation and internal policy changes pertaining to workplace safety is a skill that a safety speaker has which management may not be well-versed with. Hiring a safety speaker can close the gap between a boring presentation on regulations and effectively driving the message home.

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Mike Hourigan is a workplace safety speaker who shares his ideas on creating safer workplace environment all over the country.

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