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Culture Connects, What Covid Divided

As a hybrid workplace negotiation skills speaker, I understand that a hybrid workplace means much more than “two days (or so) in the office, and three days (give or take) out of the office.” Hybrid is more than a need for a sense of scheduling but more so, the need for communication, connection and a “celebration” of what makes any organization unique. Hybrid encourages culture.

In fact, in my motivational keynote addresses on hybrid workplaces, I talk about the importance of the workplace culture and how a common culture connects us in ways that repairs the fractures and divisions of what the COVID pandemic brought down upon the American work place.

An important study
Much to my delight, the Gallup organization has just completed a major piece of research that verifies what my audiences have been communicating to me since the lockdown. According to the research of September 28, 2022:

“The reality is that the office never equaled culture. Gallup data show that, despite significant lip service and investment in “company culture” over the years, there’s very little to show for it.

Hybrid workplaces have been forced to make in-office experiences more meaningful and substantial. In addition, hybrid workers feel more supported in their wellbeing. They are more likely to feel that their organization cares about them, which makes them feel more connected to the values, mission and purpose of the organization.”

We can all remember those Monday morning meetings “for the sake of meeting,” the imposed luncheons, charity events, awkward social gatherings, requisite bowling parties and karaoke nights to show workers how the organization encouraged team play and positive attitudes.

However, the Gallup poll proves that such did not make for culture and in fact only 20 percent of workers felt a cultural connection to their companies.

What makes workers happier is when the experiences while in the office are meaningful.
The hard data that came out of the study are inciteful and show a cultural connection is much more than a T-shirt at the company picnic. When companies nurture a true culture of caring, they are:

  1. Almost 4 times more likely to be engaged at work – Employees want a true connection and not lip service. Managers will need to understand that wellbeing, respect and empathy have become increasingly important.
  2. More than 5 times more likely to recommend the organization as a great place to work – In a time of mass resignations and a desire for meaning and accountability, to nurture those values in an organization can insure a happier workforce.
  3. 68 percent less likely to feel burned out at work – Empathetic and authentic managers can go a long way to prevent burnout.
  4. 55 percent less likely to be looking for a job – To keep a stable and productive workforce by nurturing a culture of caring and support for important issues is proving itself highly valuable.

It isn’t a matter of managers begrudgingly accepting hybrid versus imposing rules to keep people full-time, it is much more important to make the time in the office valuable, meaningful and purpose-driven.
A culture of caring unites the fractures that COVID imposed on all of America’s workplaces. Let’s celebrate the healing that a positive culture can bring.

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