Mike Hourigan a Motivational Speaker on Change and Employee Security

Managing the Effects of Change on Employee Job Security Fears

​This is the third part in our series on managing change, with motivational change management speaker Mike Hourigan on change and employee security fears.

It is About Trust
As a change management speaker who delivers keynote addresses on helping employees avoid job security fears, I emphasize that change is not the problem, rather dreading the changes before they occur is the problem.

The fear of change translates into resistance, and resistance must be overcome through trust.
What is your organization doing to build trust during a period of organizational change? For the most part, job security fears start with a fear of the unknown because communication has been weak. Many employees fearing change automatically “default” to expressions such as, “How come no one consulted with me that they were going to do this?”

Job security fears resulting from change are often a function of anticipating changes in routines, systems, machinery, sales tactics. The fears are made even worse by stress and exhaustion.
Are these fears irrational? Perhaps not to an executive leadership that has been in planning for months for an acquisition, merger or new bonus and compensation structure or an advanced computer system – or most any major organizational change. However, to an employee who will be reporting to a new boss, or who has a week to learn a new accounting system, or an older employee afraid of being made redundant, the fears are real, and they can be terrifying.

Change Brings Security Fears
​Speaking about change management and employment security fears, I point out that unless executive leadership is strong in their communication and conveying a strategic plan, employees will naturally become fearful.
In managing the effects of change in relationship to employee job security fears, leadership must help employees overcome fears of making mistakes as the result of new systems, new co-workers or new equipment. This is solved through education.
Then there is the fear change brings in regard to decision making. This fear occurs when a company is acquired and there are no managers to help employees model behavior. For example, what are the accepted options in terms of the reporting structure, confidentiality or distribution? This is solved through communication.

A common job security fear brought about change often affects sales and marketing. An acquisition may sometimes bring poorly performing products or services they are required to sell. Employees may be fearful of how it will “affect their numbers.” This is solved by realistic expectations.

Managing the effects of change on job security fears includes helping employees deal with a loss or a change of relationships, changes in job status or working out new assignments. This is solved by structure and planning.
The executive leadership of any organization undergoing change cannot assume that job security change fears “have been done” if there is no concrete plan to do so. If properly implemented, helping employees overcome job security fears stemming from change will yield huge dividends in terms of successful transitions. Not taking an active partnership with employees during change will only result in eroding trust and loyalty.

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