Mike Hourigan, Real Estate Agent Negotiation Skills Motivational Speaker

Real Estate Agent Negotiation Skills Motivational Speaker

Want to Get to “Yes?” Don’t Forget to Say “No.”

​My specialty as a real estate negotiation skills speaker, allows me to speak virtually and in-person with realtors on the art of negotiation throughout the country. In my talks on real estate negotiation a question that frequently comes up is about getting to “Yes” in a real estate transaction.

​Try Saying “No.”
Remember that old negotiating saying about not taking “No” for an answer? I’m afraid that far too many realtors believe that to be completely true; that hearing the word “No,” is almost like hearing that your least favorite relative has decided to visit you for three months.

Truth is that “No” is a powerful sentiment often borne of deep personal feelings. I knew a lovely woman who had a son who was, shall we say, somewhat rebellious.

When she initially sat down with a new realtor, she made it clear that she did not want a residence with a swimming pool. She was afraid of parties while she was gone. The first time they went to look at properties, he showed her six homes – you guessed it – all with swimming pools. From then on, his client was uncooperative and impossible to please. They soon parted ways.

While the conversation above is “an obvious,” as a real estate negotiation skills speaker, it surprises me the number of times in real estate negotiation that realtors are not listening when clients are talking.

A successful realtor once told me that in his experience, many in the profession are guilty of “steamrolling” clients. By that he meant, that despite objections, damage problems, appraisals or any other number of snags, the realtor will ruin a negotiation by chiding a client that their concerns are minimal or irrelevant.

Negotiation is more than a talking process; it is an active listening process. To disregard preferences, to ignore likes and dislikes, fears and even opportunities, makes all the difference in closing a deal. We must eliminate the negative to get to the positive.

I would like to encourage all of you to remember 7 Actions to Get Past “No!”

1. Listen first, speak second. Focus on what is being said, not on what you would like someone to say.
2. Be patient. Let the conversation take the time it needs to take.
3. Be respectful. Buying or selling a home carries tremendous psychological energy. Be respectful of the “history,” and of the fear.
4. Back away. If the client adamantly disagrees with a situation, give it space.
5. Go forward. If the client is open to new ideas and possibilities explore it with them.
6. Understand the dynamic. No two people go into home buying or selling the same. Couples may disagree; some people have a fallback phrase of “No,” others may be reminded of similar incidents in the past.
7. You are secondary. You are the professional, that is true, but the client always trusts you to do what is best for them.

“No” is a powerful response in a negotiation but compassion and professionalism can overcome the negative if you listen with your heart.

To book Mike Hourigan, Real Estate Agent Negotiation Skills Motivational Speaker, for an in-person or virtual presentation, contact Mike today at (704) 875-3030 or fill out the form below.

Real Estate Agent Negotiation Skills Motivational Speaker

Real Estate Agent Negotiation Skills Motivational Speaker

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