How to Motivate Your Millennial Sales Team

Millennial Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

Millennial Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan
It’s no secret that Millennials, despite all of the flack they receive from older generations, have a great deal of untapped salesmanship potential that likely hasn’t been nurtured yet. Millennials have a lot of technical knowledge but not enough soft skills and in facing tough financial and job markets, they also weren’t really taught how to negotiate. The potential is there but it needs to be brought forth.

This generation buys everything from packs of gum to houses using their phones and have created entire empires with a couple swipes. Hustling is a way of life and they’ll look for ways to effectively reach out to more clients by doing less work. So, you need to invest in your Millennial sales team with salesman training that will make their innate hustling abilities into a force to be reckoned with.

In helping your Millennial sales force improve their communication and negotiation skills, they will learn a combination of tried-and-true sales techniques in addition to using the more technology-based methods that they are used to such as selling on LinkedIn. Negotiation can be a scary concept for younger generations, who might associate it with manipulation or intimidation rather than a healthy process that benefits both parties.

Managing Millennials is often a source of contention for managers not used to multi-generational workforces. However, when they comprise a significant portion of your sales team you need to take extra considerations into account. Every organization is different as is their product mix and how the sales team is compensated. But sales team members don’t just get paid differently than their co-workers, they also have a higher degree of autonomy and different motivation in comparison and may be less malleable and amenable to the sales manager’s objectives. Millennials in particular may have different values and expectations that can greatly help the organization realize their vision, but not quite align with the sales team manager.

By learning how to manage sales teams more effectively, especially ones that are largely populated by younger employees, you can turn quarterly sales goals into numbers that the team virtually always blows past. An effective keynote sales management speaker can help make this happen for your and your team.

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