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Negotiating Pharma Industry Change Really is a Daily Negotiation

As a pharma industry change management speaker who specializes in negotiation, I know the importance of navigating the changes that are confronting all of us at this time. It is a confusing and challenging period.

On one hand, there is an unprecedented, heightened awareness of the pharmaceutical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve not experienced in our lifetimes. Each day, literally, the world is searching for news of vaccines and treatments. More so, the new-found respect for pharma research is leading to consumer awareness of any breakthrough. It is exciting for an experienced pharma speaker such as myself to see pharma get the respect it deserves.

On the other hand, the same pandemic has affected the way we communicate with our customers. The economy has badly suffered. Budgets have been cut. Professional offices have temporarily closed or are down to a minimal staff. As we all know, good or bad, telemedicine has exploded. Many physicians are as confused as the rest of the population as to what will come next. They are under stress, with the same worries as the rest of us.

In an article entitled “Uncertainty is Hard for Doctors,” The New York Times stated:
“Tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty is a profoundly frustrating experience for most people, but especially for doctors. Living with uncertainty is like being on a slow-moving carousel, with that vague unsettling sensation permeating your body. And then, in that state, doctors are asked to make serious and profound decisions…”

What the business writer is saying is that doctors, their assistants and office managers are understandably afraid of all of the changes around them, and change must be negotiated.

It is up to each pharma rep to not just sell, but to help the healthcare professionals they call upon to navigate change. Whether you are working remotely or “live,” you must help clarify the uncertainty. Pharma sales reps must take on the huge challenge of assisting their customers to overcome the uncertainty. Simply put: negotiating pharma industry change really is a daily negotiation. Are you up to the challenge?

Choosing a Motivational Pharma Change Management Speaker
My specialty as a pharma change negotiation speaker is to help industry professionals such as yourselves, to better understand that everything we do is a negotiation. To be successful you must be a “hand-holder,” motivator, guide and friend. If you are successful in helping your healthcare customers negotiate the changes they are facing, it will pay big dividends.

I am pleased to attach links to two testimonial letters and a client list of industry reps who have heard me speak:

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Client List

Though the future is uncertain, the world is looking to the pharmaceutical industry to make things better. Now, more than ever, you can be that agent for change.

Mike Hourigan, Pharma Speaker and Pharma Change Management Speaker, specializes in helping pharma sales reps sharpening their negotiation skills in times of change. Mike is available for virtual podcasts, live video conferencing and in-person events. For more information call Mike today at: (704) 875-3030 or by filling out the form below.

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