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Going through Change? Your Best Ally is Knowledge

We all know that learning is cyclable. As a change management speaker, I have observed that most people understand that the best way to teach people is to be willing to learn, however, a lot of people have difficulty putting that into practice. As a result, the cycle of learning is often broken.

When an organization is going through a change, it is as important to share perspectives as it is to push an official point of view. In my keynote talks on change management to groups across America it is puzzling how few companies fully understand that concept. When we fail to understand one another and the teaching cycle is broken it invariably leads to frustration and anger.

Taking a deep breath: teacher to student
The best way to get through change, maybe the only rational way, is through knowledge. The more an executive leader knows, the more the organization should know. The more the employees throughout the company know, the better they can help the leadership adjust to the changes ahead.

It is what might be seen as an “elegant solution.” People within the organization who are armed with knowledge, can take that knowledge to help the company respond to change at a level far greater than anyone might have expected. Not only is there a cycle from employees to executives, and executives to employees, but knowledge gives everyone and at every level, the opportunity to mentor and encourage. Peer-to-peer discussion is powerful.

However, in order to convey knowledge and to figure ways to better respond to changes, it is necessary for everyone to collectively take a deep breath and communicate. Teacher must strive to become student, and student needs to absorb knowledge.
The value of communication before, during and after a change cannot be overstated. It signals what employees will face, keeps everyone apprised while it is happening and measures how the organization has been impacted.
If an official point of view is pushed through without regard, the response can be nonsensical: “We don’t understand why we have to do this.” If the change that is about to come through is discussed, shared and allows for differing perspectives to come together, the result is an easier process.

No need to get mad
Change can be tough, and generally speaking, change requires many decisions (some unpopular) that must be solved. That said, change management offers everyone in the organization to learn and to grow. As a change management motivational speaker and change management consultant, I have seen people come together in an organization better than ever before.
It comes down to attitude. To some extent, if everyone is both student and teacher and if knowledge is shared, it becomes an ally against any problem the change might create. On the other hand, if change is forced with neither knowledge or understanding, surprisingly, no one learns and the opportunities for growth are lost.

Going through change? Your best ally will always be knowledge. No one should be hesitant to share it.

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