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8 Scary Reasons Jobsites Don’t Work

As a keynote speaker and a consultant on hiring the best person, let me begin with a controversial statement: in my opinion most of the job search websites are not worth the digital keystrokes they are built on.

When I as a change management speaker give a personal or in-person keynote address on hiring the best person, I am amazed, but not surprised at the number of sheer hiring failures and mis-matches from the job search websites. One HR director said to me (and not tongue in cheek):
“Mike, I should have given serious thought to the candidate my brother-in-law’s gardener recommended!”

What’s Going on Here?
At last count there were more than 50 job search websites all competing for your HR dollars. Why so many? Because it pays. For many employers, I know all too well as a keynote speaker and consultant on hiring the best person that there is a whole groundswell of anti-jobsite sentiment that is beginning to grow.

Here are 8 Scary Reasons Jobsites Don’t Work.

1. Phony Keywords In, Fake Keywords Out – Employers have learned to write really good job descriptions on the jobsites using all of the right keywords. Applicants have learned to answer those ads using really good resumes using all of the right keywords. It becomes a tennis volley. It can get so many people “in the door,” that the process becomes overwhelming and frustrating.

2. Have you heard of ATS? The jobsites have. The applicant tracking system, a derivative to the point above, is a database of applicants that may fit your organization’s requirements. HR departments often work off of that. The candidates seem to “fit,” but if everyone is savvy, what’s a fit?

3. The end-around. Though there are a whole separate set of problems with finding candidates on social media many social media sites are posting jobs off of the jobsite grid. Your best candidate may not be on the jobsite at all.

4. The “Do You Know Anyone?” Game. Recruiters will often root around the major sites like LinkedIn, find an interesting candidate with 4,000 followers give or take, and float a question as to their availability. This is another tactic for going off the extensive jobsite grid.

5. Spaghetti against the wall. Candidates may play the game of throwing resumes against many walls and seeing what sticks. In fact, those tracking systems may even contain candidates who accepted jobs six months ago.

6. I’m giving up on you. Despite the 50 plus major job search websites, quality candidates and employers alike are giving up with the posting game. What then?

7. “My sister-in-law’s sister would be great for your company.” While no one wants to admit this, the old-fashioned network and referral game remains highly effective. Jobsites are perhaps active and passive within their own platforms, but they don’t necessarily have the best candidates for your position.

8. “We don’t handle that kind of clientele.” I call this the arrogant search. Many entry-level or lower-level jobs never make it to the jobsites – and that’s a shame. For in those candidates, are precisely the kind of folks your organization needs.

As a speaker and a consultant on hiring the best person. I know there are things your organization could be doing – and isn’t. Hiring the right person is a negotiation on many levels. The jobsites will never tell you that. As with any negotiation there are obstacles to overcome, such as the 8 Scary Reasons Jobsites Don’t Work.

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