Do You Need a Millennial Speaker or a Communication Skills Speaker?

Millennial Speaker Mike Hourigan

When looking for a Millennial Keynote speaker, especially if you have a Millennial audience in mind, you need to ask yourself what you’re really looking to get out of hiring a speaker. Is the problem you’re currently facing with your employees about a lack of willingness to understand each other’s generation, or is the problem about being unable to effectively communicate?

Many experts agree that Millennials are genuinely lacking in soft skills training, particularly communication skills training. While Millennials are facing a systemic issue with their rigorous education focusing more on technical skills than soft skills, being a poor communicator is something that honestly knows no generational limits. If the difficulties that arise from managing your team stem from older employees picking on the younger employees or vice versa, chances are that you need a speaker who specializes in Millennial and generational issues and helping the two generations bridge gaps (and informing them that  definitely exists.)

But you need a communication skills speaker if the workforce problems aren’t stemming from inability to understand the values, behaviors, and typical experience of co-workers and superiors in other demographics. Once again, ineffective communications aren’t limited to just one age group. Some people are just poor communicators and need some extra training to get better at talking and listening to people. Then the internet has made the world more interconnected as a whole and now you no longer need to rely on one location to find talent. You can do anything from finding a date to getting a pizza at your door in minutes! But one downside of our Internet-driven modern world is that missing out on those little interactions we used to have on a daily basis for the most mundane things have more or less caused everyone’s communication skills to slowly deteriorate.

A Millennial speaker can help your employees better understand each other while a communication skills speaker helps hone everyone’s communication skills regardless of when they were born.

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