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Teaching Your Sales Team How to Sell Without the Feeling of Being Sold To

When it comes to training and motivating your sales team, those darn Millennials are at it again. There’s sales methods that older than dirt which entail the finer nuances of observation and communication, many of which are still widely employed today, but the times are changing. In fact, times are not just changing but changing at a faster pace than ever before.

Because of this, training your sales team requires new techniques and strategies if you want to sell to Millennials.  After all, it’s Millennials who are shaping the way things are done now particularly for products and services in which they’re the chief audience. But it’s not just Millennials who are seeing and feeling the differences in salesmanship today: in a world’s becoming increasingly noisy with this “always-on” mentality, the feeling that you’re being sold to is detected a lot earlier than it once was. So much is out there trying to grab peoples’ attention and with the limited time and capacity comes viewing that distinct feeling of being sold to as something incredibly pernicious.

Think about it: there’s nothing worse than going about your business on social media and suddenly you see this promoted post. Or you’re watching a video and your experience keeps being interrupted by ads. Those ads blatantly exist to sell to you. It just feels even more obnoxious when you’re in the room with someone and you know that all they see is a walking dollar sign. That’s the last thing you want as a salesperson!

Good, effective salesmanship training will teach your sales staff how to communicate with prospects, make keen observations, and drive their points home without the prospect even being aware that they’re being sold to. In our highly scattered world full of noise today, learning how to rise above that static and be m


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    Mike does much more than present one-of-a-kind keynote speeches - he provides fun and fact filled breakout sessions as well as dynamic training programs for numerous organizations like Marriott, Disney, Harley-Davidson and even the U.S. Army.