Tourism Speaker on Change

Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

Tourism Speaker on Change

What a Tourism Speaker Can Tell You About Change

It’s just a fact of life that everything changes. Some of this change can be slow and happen over time to the point that you barely notice it, and other times it’s sudden and right in your face.

And no one knows change better than the tourism industry. Sure, you still see ads for the same types of cruises, resort vacations, and sight-seeing on TV, at the train station, and on the internet that you used to see two to three decades. But the digital age has completely changed the way that people travel and seek out new places to visit and in times of many people being unable to afford a vacation, luxury travel is booming no less. Vacation rentals used to solely be the realm of real estate agents but anyone virtually anywhere in the world can find an alternative to a hotel in just a few swipes. Millennials in particular have contributed to this trend, but also in shaking up traditional vacations by eschewing common tourist attractions in favor of going off the beaten path.

With these sweeping changes come disruptions to the hotel industry and tourism industry in general. There are also new avenues for business that didn’t exist before thanks to society becoming more inclusive, such as the major opportunities that can be found in catering to women travelers and LGBT tourism today. But it’s also up to tourism and hospitality managers to be prepared for these changes and determine how to capitalize on them.

Change can be painful to adapt to for management and employees and make it seemingly difficult to plan for the long term. Employees need to be trained to meet the modern tourist’s expectations and management must figure out how to get more visitors utilizing both digital platforms and their sales force. But by hiring an experienced tourism speaker who can help get your tourism association, hotel, or resort on track with the changes currently being faced in the industry, management can form a solid long-term strategy for keeping business booming during times of extreme change.

Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

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