What Millennials Would Like a Millennial Speaker to Tell the Audience

What a Millennial Speaker should tell the Audience

How a Millennial Speaker can help with your Multi Generational Workforce

Millennials are often scapegoated for a lot of society’s problems. While this generation genuinely faces major shortcomings in soft skills thanks to the over-emphasis on technical proficiency in their education, their hard work and new perspectives often go unnoticed. Intergenerational communication breakdowns between Boomers and Millennials are a daily problem for most people and the workplace is certainly no exception.

In looking for Millennial generational speaker, it’s a little obvious that Millennials don’t want to hear the same old talking points when they’re having time taken out of their day to go to a meeting. What does this audience want to hear from a speaker?

  • Actionable takeaways for better understanding the generational values of their co-workers and supervisors. Millennials often feel resentful of Boomers and Gen X’ers: the latter calls the former lazy and entitled while the former refers to them as selfish and stuck in their ways. These types of disputes have gone on since the beginning of time with an infamous quote from Socrates decrying the younger generation. With what’s often a major lack in soft skills, Millennials need to know how to communicate with other generations better and come to a compromise.
  • Learning how to communicate better both digitally and in “meatspace”. Even among each other, Millennials find that the true meaning of communications often gets lost in digital translation. In our increasingly digital workplaces, they need to learn how to address these gaps, read body language, and other haptic cues they normally miss out on when communicating with each other via text.
  • How to navigate the ever-changing workplace and overall nature of work. One thing’s for certain: Millennials are definitely navigating a tougher landscape than previous generations did. There’s more opportunities but also a tougher time proving yourself both before and after they get the job. Millennials need solid change preparation strategies to get them through these momentous times personally and during organization-wide shifts.

Most Millennial speakers look to blame Millennials for the problems they face. By taking a collaborative tone instead, intergenerational workforces can learn much from one another.


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