Are Team-Building Efforts Overrated Attempts at Getting People to Do More?

Keynote and Safety Speaker Mike Hourigan

Are Team-Building Efforts Overrated Attempts at Getting People to Do More?

Teams are the heartbeat of an organization. Team Building Managers are always looking for ways to get teams to work more harmoniously together and improve the quality of the teamwork at play so that the organization can become more effective. So, it’s common for them to invest in team-building activities and retreats so that employees can learn how to work better together.

But let’s face it: “teamwork” and “team-building” start to sound like hollow weasel words after a while. The concepts just seem to be these doomed attempts at getting people to do more. You may have talented employees who bring valuable skills and experience to the table on their own, but just don’t gel together. There’s always the people who will work well on their own and then the ones who work best in teams. These team-building exercises can be a noble attempt to get them to become productive but often just feel doomed.

It takes the right set of eyes and ears that’s impartial to the organization to figure out what makes each team tick.  An experienced team building speaker knows that your employees don’t want to take time away from their deadlines and personal obligations just to hear the same old cliches about how they need to use “I messages” with the other people they’re working with. As a manager, you want your employees to work together more productively but they need to hear it from a funny and motivational team building speaker live opposed to managers they already work with reciting phrases out of a book or showing a video (which let’s be honest, is more likely to put them to sleep.)

Teamwork activities don’t have to feel “doomed”. But they do need to be relatable and engaging.


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