What Should You Cover in a Keynote Speaker Invitation Email?

How should you invite a Keynote Speaker?


You’re planning an event or meeting and need to hire a keynote speaker. You could potentially arrange that with just a few clicks but if you haven’t worked with a professional keynote speaker before, communication skills training is key if you’re going to email them. Here’s what you need to include in your keynote speaker invitation email.

The most important information you need to mention upfront is what type of event you are planning. A national conference is going to have a different focus and resources than a Fortune 500 company’s annual sales meeting, among other types of events, and the keynote speaker has to prepare accordingly. Next, you need to get down to brass tacks with respect to the address and location, date and time for your event, and when the keynote speaker is expected to give their presentation. It’s crucial to include the amount of time allotted for the keynote speech or presentation. The topic or theme for the keynote speech also needs to be specified. Professional keynote motivational speakers have keynote and breakout topics that they specialize in which are often customized to the organizer’s needs, the theme of the event, and other criteria.

Financial arrangements should also be covered in your keynote speaker invitation. Every speaker has different policies when it comes to their honorarium and any additional compensation for other duties they may perform, as well as travel and accommodations. You can ask how much the speaker’s fee is and state your budget if you do not have a set amount in mind. You also need to state how travel expenses will be covered and if they need to submit receipts for reimbursement or use your organization’s travel booking services.

Lastly, the tone of the email needs to be enthusiastic while remaining formal and respectful. Show that you are familiar with the speaker’s work, and include a date they should respond by.

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