Negotiation Skills Speaker for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

Negotiation Skills Speaker for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Today’s traveler and tourists drives a hard bargain. Cheap fares and a plethora of information are widely available in just a few clicks or swipes, why would they select your brand over another? Are convenience and location alone the other only factors driving those decisions or are your communicating skills lacking the kind of value you can deliver so you both get what you want?

The travel and tourism industry is subject to constant structural changes that make business and marketing strategies incredibly flash-in-the-pan. But no matter how many frequent changes your travel and tourism brand and team gets subject to, strong sales negotiation skills are evergreen. It’s not just about giving that tech-savvy traveler and tourist a good deal or making things right for a dissatisfied guest lest they post an angry tirade on social media, but how your travel and tourism team is going to secure the kind of partnerships that will help your travel brand grow. For destination marketers in the travel and tourism field in particular, your ecosystem has totally changed and having adept negotiators on your side is going to ensure your long-term survival.

Your travel and tourism sales team needs to have problem-solving and negotiation skills to help them close, but what about putting out fires in their own department? Negotiation is the fine art of both sides getting what they want. When your travel and tourism business development team can get a good feel for what the potential partner is looking for and talk them into a deal that makes both parties happy? That will put you light years ahead of the competition in the travel and tourism field even in the face of the most seismic of app-based disruptions. A negotiation skills speaker can help you invest in your  travel and tourism workforce’s negotiation skills in a way that will help them for the rest of their lives. Negotiation is all about using the right verbal and body language cues and knowing not just what to say, but when to say it. That’s an ability that will outlast any travel trend!

Travel and Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

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    Mike does much more than present one-of-a-kind keynote speeches - he provides fun and fact filled breakout sessions as well as dynamic training programs for numerous organizations like Marriott, Disney, Harley-Davidson and even the U.S. Army.