Negotiation Doesn’t Come Naturally…

Negotiation Skills Speaker Mike Hourigan

Negotiation Doesn’t Come Naturally…

…to a lot of people, that is.

Having difficulty with negotiations certainly doesn’t mean that you or your employees aren’t intelligent, capable, or good people. Many people who face challenges when it comes to negotiation often place the blame on shyness and being introverted, or simply disliking confrontation and preferring an easy and agreeable way out of a sticky situation. Which are definitely good reasons one may find themselves being weak with negotiation, but even the most extroverted natural-born leaders among us can always use additional negotiation skills training.

Negotiation is a learned skill that needs to follow a strong lead. It rarely works like it does in movies and TV where the favorable and likely unrealistic outcome is planned out in the writers’ room. So, why should you hire a negotiation speaker? Negotiation is the balancing act of getting what you want and what the other party wants. It’s not just attorneys, sales training professionals, and insurance agents who need to become excellent negotiators. It’s a skill that comes in handy no matter what job or role you or your employees assume, not to mention useful in everyday life. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to persuade a vendor to give you a discount without them even offering it first, or having the assurance that your kid will get the car back in one piece by 11PM?

Technical proficiency can equal a great employee who knows how to do their job well, but doesn’t necessarily equal someone who knows how to read body language and make both parties happy. And some people just need an extra push in learning how to negotiate if they don’t have a natural inclination for it.

An experienced negotiation skills training speaker and sales team leader can put your team on the right track to becoming star deal-makers whether those obstacles are shyness, inexperience, being too agreeable, or needing improvement with people skills in general.

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