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Mike Hourigan, Virtual Negotiation Skills Speaker

In my specialty as a virtual negotiation skills speaker, I have had the opportunity to teach negotiation skills training on an international basis. In fact, just last week I delivered a virtual keynote on negotiation skills to an international organization where 14 nations were represented. The amazing questions I received about negotiation skills from the virtual audience were equally excellent and insightful no matter where in the world the attendees worked.

International negotiation skills are highly valued, whether in meetings between pharma sales reps for an international drug conglomerate and several medical centers, international accountancy firms and prospective, internationally based manufacturers or a movie production company negotiating contracts between unions, caterers or talent.

Who Needs Virtual Negotiation Skills Training?
Recently, I came across an article written for a British MBA training center that holds annual seminars throughout Europe. I was fascinated by the comments of one of the directors (the italics are mine):
“Due to Brexit, the ability to negotiate is now more important than ever. Since Great Britain decided to leave the European Union, long and difficult negotiations will be needed to conclude new commercial treaties. Does the UK have enough skilled people to conduct them?

Negotiation skills have always been crucial to business. Still, what can be considered good negotiation both on the international and company levels? How do aspiring MBAs (or current MBAs) learn these skills?”

The reality is that negotiation skills are essential no matter the industry or part of the world. Language may change, even cultural niceties may vary, but the actual negotiation requires skills that are rarely taught in business schools or boardrooms.
Recently (November 23, 2020), I was pleased to see the domestic and international job search website run an article about the importance of negotiation skills.

The author stated:
“Negotiation skills are qualities that allow two or more parties to reach a compromise. These are often soft skills and include abilities such as communication, persuasion, planning, strategizing and cooperating. Understanding these skills is the first step to becoming a stronger negotiator.”

While I agree with every skill the authors mentioned, as well as their observation that both parties must come away with the feeling that they benefitted, the problem still remains one of education.

Believe in Yourself
As an international virtual negotiation skills speaker, I have not only been practicing my craft as a virtual and in-person trainer for many years, but I have been in on numerous negotiation teams for major corporations as a team member and as a lead negotiator.
While there is no substitute for negotiation skills experience, I always reassure novice negotiators that there is no “type.” You certainly don’t have to be a loudmouth or the life-of-the-party! Even if you’re shy or can’t picture yourself “staying in there” with more experienced people, you can succeed.

As long as you are a good listener, have empathy as well as a position, and understand that both sides need a positive outcome, I can help you to be a better negotiator than you imagine.

So, whether the negotiation is to take place in New York, Tokyo, São Paulo or Berlin, the elements of negotiation are by and large common. The heart of the negotiation is really about the heart and well as the intellect. Believe in yourself. You’re plenty good enough!

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International Virtual Negotiation Skills Speaker

Mike Hourigan, International Virtual Negotiation Skills Speaker

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